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Review: Arctic Ease Cold Therapy Wrap

I have been recovering from a series of injuries lately including peroneal tendonitis and a shin splint on my right leg. So it was very helpful that I was sent some Arctic Ease wraps to try during workouts.

I decided to wear one during a bike workout. I am very concerned about putting anything on my legs as I have suffered several initial injuries, and then cascading compensation injuries. I am a little leery of calf skins and the like because they may offer too much support for me and cause other issues when I am training.

Fortunately, with Arctic Ease, this is not an issue. I am able to apply the wrap as loose or tight as I need. The other important feature of the wrap is the cooling. It actually is not frigid like an ice pack, but just cool. This cool seemed to last for the full hour plus I had it on. It’s a very pleasant sensation. I felt like my leg was secure without being too constricted and my injuries didn’t flare up as much as normal.

Arctic Ease Bottle

When applying the wrap, it initially feels kind of slimy. It sticks to itself pretty well, but I found that the end pieces had trouble, so I tucked the last bit under the top. I didn’t need to use anything else for securing. It stayed on well as I rode too.

As time went by when riding, the wrap started to get drier and it stiffened into an almost cast like state. It was still pliable, but I wouldn’t recommend letting it completely dry out while wearing. It may not dry out as quickly during runs as the speed is much slower. One unexpected benefit came from wearing the Arctic Ease, I crashed my bike and the wrap was dried but sturdy. Even after I slid over asphalt and a sidewalk with it, it actually protected my leg but showed no additional wear.

To reuse the wrap, Arctic Ease recommends 2-3 teaspoons of water and resealing the wrap in the bottle. After 2-3 hours, it is supposed to to be ready to use again. I found that more water was required to return the wrap into its initial state.

Overall, I feel that this is a solid product for the price. I especially like the fact that I can wear it and control the amount of support that it gives. Between that and the cooling, I plan to use it during long workouts when I am having more issues with my legs.

You can buy the product using my affiliate link from Amazon below (I get a small commission), or locally in the United States at CVS.