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Review: Tuvizo Reflective Vest

When running in the dark as the season changes, it’s often most convenient to just grab something reflective, throw it on, and go run.

A lot of running clothes have reflective options, but they can come at a premium. This can really get expensive quickly. Especially when you have to buy high end items like new jackets and other winter gear. This is where a product like the Tuvizo reflective vest comes in. It is a very functional device that you can wear over the gear you already have and remain visible.

Tuvizo reached out to me to try out their running vest. We were unsure of what size I should use because there is some overlap and I fall in the middle, so they sent me both sizes of the reflective vest to compare.


This was a good idea because it enabled me to see how each would fit, and I have to say, very well. I tried the S/M/L first and wore it with a Brooks running jacket and Under Armour fitted mock and it had no trouble accommodating me. I am fairly large at 6’2″, 195 lbs and wear a large t-shirt. The vest fit with plenty of slack.

I then tried the second vest the next night. This time, I was only wearing an Under Armour fitted Mock. I wanted to see how loose the much larger one was. This one cinched right up just as snug as the other. So, if you are in an area that gets extremely cold and have to wear very thick jackets, you may want to opt for the larger size.

What I liked about both vests were how easy they are to snug up. I don’t like to run with anything loose because it can cause chafing. With the Tuvizo, on the sides by the buckle, I just had to move the buckles and then pull the straps into place. I had them fitted to me in less than 20 seconds, and I’m the type who can get easily confused.


Another feature I liked were the clasps. Sometimes gear like this is cheaply made and the clasps can come unsecured when you are shifting around or brush against it. This clasp closes up and you have to actually insert your thumb or finger into the top and squeeze both tabs for it to release. It’s very easy to do when you intend to, but won’t easily come apart accidentally.



The actual elastic fabric is of a good quality. It is thick and feels very well made. I doesn’t seem like it will fray or lose it’s elasticity over time. Actually feel that I could strap a water bottle or the like to it and it would support it fine.

All in all, I think these vests are a really good buy at around $25 for such a versatile piece of equipment. You can wear one with anything and have it for years to come.

The vest is currently exclusively sold at Amazon and you can get it through my affiliate link below: