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Re-Tweeting Blog Posts… Sensible or Spam?

I am relatively new to Twitter and writing a blog. I have had a Twitter account for some years, but seldom used it. I am just learning the nuance of how things are done on Twitter.

A great example is #FollowFriday or #FF. I learned of this from Brian Burk (@cledawgs) in his article – Can You Really Make Friends Via Social Media? And he was kind enough to include me in a #FF tweet.

Another thing I noticed was that some tweets seemed to keep repeating themselves. They were referencing posts that I had seen earlier in the day. I was only following a handful of people, so this was very apparent. I thought it was odd behavior, but just ignored it.

Then as I begin to follow more people, I noticed that the stream started to get pretty thick and I could barely keep up. I began to feel somewhat thankful for the repeated tweets. I might have missed the posts otherwise. This got me thinking about the use of scheduling and repeating posts.

Some pieces that I have written took me a bit of time and effort and I would like to get as much exposure as I can with them. Changing Gait and Heartrate Training & Head Spinning are two examples. Plus, as I gain new followers on Twitter, I would like if they had an opportunity to view this content as well. This would make retweeting the content an extremely sensible choice.

However, I don’t want to spam people. I am extremely sensitive to burying people with undesired content. Since I don’t have a lot built up yet, I risk becoming a serious offender.

This is my conundrum – at what frequency should content be reposted? When is it sensible, and when is it spam?

I would like to really explore this issue and write a follow-up with feedback I receive from readers. Please comment, tweet, and share your views. What methods do you use and appreciate? What tools do you choose? I am just learning about Twitter and its etiquette and I’m sure it can help many.