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Review: Motigo App


Sometimes in a race, you can find yourself in a very dark place. You are having to dig very deep and facing your own inner demons. It’s times like these, that a word of cheer or support can really help you find the light. Unfortunately, your family likely can’t be at every point in a race, or may not be able to attend an event. That is where the Motigo App for iPhone (Android coming soon) can be invaluable.

Motigo is an app that enables loved ones and supporters to record messages of up to 30 seconds that are played back for runners at different points during a race. These points are selected by whomever is recording a cheer.

The runner just starts the app at the beginning of the race, and as they cross the selected mile markers during the race, the music will fade and the message will play.

I used it in two races on back to back weekends.

In the first race, a marathon, things were going great for the first, but then I started having problems. As the race continued, I got cheers from my wife and my nephew. These really helped give me something to focus on. They were a lifeline. Especially when I was hurting so badly that I was walking at many points. Hearing my wife cheer me helped give me the motivation to get it together and start running so I could see her sooner at the finish.

In the next race, things were going extremely well. This time, getting messages from my wife just made the day more complete. They really enhanced an already great run for me and helped me maintain my effort all the way to a personal record. I love how the app can be there for both good and bad runs.

Another use for the app that I haven’t seen advertised could be for coaching. By having the ability to record messages at specific points during a race, coaches could offer guidance and strategy throughout the race.

These cheers remain available for future listens and that may its greatest feature. I lost my parents recently and they were very thrilled about my races. Unfortunately, they were unable to attend the events. I would have loved the opportunity to not only have heard from them during the races, but also I wish I had them recorded to hear now. I don’t know how long the cheers will be available and hope that we will be able to download them at some point, but having them archived with the service is a great start.

The only option I would request is the ability to change how the cheers are delivered. Currently, the music fades and the cheer is played over it. I would like to have the option of setting the app to pause the music and play the message. I had trouble hearing my nephew because he spoke softly in his cheer. I also know that I would have definitely struggled hearing my mother because she had Parkinson’s disease and her voice was very faint.

I highly recommend this app. It is very inexpensive to buy some cheers – about the same as a greeting card. And while you can’t hand your loved ones a card on the course, you can put a cheer in their ear.

You can find more information about the app in iTunes, or at http://getmotigo.com/. It is currently iOS only, but an Android version will be announced soon. You can sign up to be notified at http://getmotigo.com/.