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Stickers, magnets and finisher medals… Hell yeah!

There are those who think we are jerks for displaying 13.1, 26.2 or another distance on our cars. Actually, some may call us worse. I’d like to address that.

I understand from where some of the venom originates. Some people may feel that we are arrogant and displaying how tough or strong we are. Worse still, we are rubbing their faces in it. This is not the case. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Gain running time by prepping food


I was just interviewed for an upcoming episode of Tips of the Scale — a really inspirational podcast about people who have lost copious amounts of weight and seized control of their lives. One of the topics we discussed were food choices and how to fit in food preparation with otherwise busy lifestyles. I shared one of the tricks that my wife came up with. This has helped us immensely for eating food that is both delicious and healthy.

Small Chunks and Little Victories

They can only mess with you so much before lunch

As I was out running this morning, I got a call. After I got through the discombobulation of my podcast being interrupted and a disembodied voice on my bluetooth headphones, I finally was able to identify with whom I was speaking. It was a young man who was our neighbor until recently. He just graduated high school this spring and had joined the U.S. Marine Corps. 

He was calling to tell me that he was shipping out today and wanted to say goodbye. I am not known for hold in my opinion back and offered him one piece of advice, “Just remember one thing, they can only mess with you so much before lunch.”

Failure is Your Friend

Not many people know it, but George Washington lost more battles than he won in his military career. Yet, the United States became an independent nation and later a superpower. This is because he was able to embrace and then learn from failure. His failure inspired creativity.

Failure is your friend. It doesn’t feel like it at the time. It can be excruciating and humiliating, but after a while, the sharp edges dull. Then you can begin to feel more philosophical and learn from it. In actuality, you can learn more from failure than success – something that is studied in the business world as shown in the article You Can Learn More From Failure Than Success.

Re-Tweeting Blog Posts… Sensible or Spam?

I am relatively new to Twitter and writing a blog. I have had a Twitter account for some years, but seldom used it. I am just learning the nuance of how things are done on Twitter. 

A great example is #FollowFriday or #FF. I learned of this from Brian Burk (@cledawgs) in his article – Can You Really Make Friends Via Social Media? And he was kind enough to include me in a #FF tweet.

Another thing I noticed was that some tweets seemed to keep repeating themselves. They were referencing posts that I had seen earlier in the day. I was only following a handful of people, so this was very apparent. I thought it was odd behavior, but just ignored it. 

The Five Stages of Running

First – I hated it. 

It hurt. Every mile was drudgery. I had to bargain with myself every step of the way. “If I get to the next telephone pole, I can quit then.” After arriving, I would have to find the next target. It was a matter of survival versus achievement.

Second – I tolerated it. 

Okay, it sucks. I just have to get through the miles and it ends. My calories are being burned I guess. There are worse things in life.

Third – I accepted it.

Well, this appears to be a pattern. It’s just a routine like my alarm in the morning. I at least feel okay when I am done. I never feel worse after running than I did before.

Fourth – I loved it.

I really am getting some miles in. This is actually kind of cool. I can’t believe that I am able to accomplish what I have. It is so neat to see the world from this perspective. I have seen these sites while driving, but now I get to see them up close and personal. I really feel a part of things.

Fifth – I need it and it consumes me.

When is there a race? There has got to be something this weekend. What do you mean I have to work late?! That will interrupt my run. Is my latest Runner’s World out? Well, I can check my Twitter feed. Did you see that Brooks and Saucony have new shoes out? How many rest days do I really need? Maybe I can be a triathlete… If I am cross training, it won’t have to count as a rest day, right?!

Walk… Jog… Ugh!

Well, it appears that my heart rate really does not want to go down. I keep trying to change my pace and slow down to get it down, no dice. I have finally decided that I will use the whole Maffetone principle. If my hr gets above a certain point, I start walking. Once it drops far enough, I start jogging (to call it running would be an exaggeration).

Today’s slogfest –

I am currently at 45-75 seconds at a jogging pace and 65-120 seconds for walking. Please jump in. Anyone suffering an injury and recovery? Misery loves company. I would love to hear from you.


After a week break and severe cutbacks in training, I went out for a jog. It sucked. Super-hot and I couldn’t keep my heart-rate down. It makes for hard decisions. I am trying to run with a lower heart-rate, but at the same time I have to maintain form.

So do I stop and walk during the workout? Or do I just run with an escalated heart-rate? Decisions…


Strength training sucks. I have a co-worker who gets annoyed when he has to run. He says “Running still stinks. We lift heavy stuff, put back down.”

I feel the same way, but about strength training. It is maddening. I know that I need it, but it really does me in.

I mean I am really pathetic. I can do 6-10 simple squats, and I hurt for 2-3 days. Even though I don’t feel them at the time. Planks have me quivering in seconds. Really, I fell like I need to build my strength, but yet when I start my running is degraded. Completely frustrating.

I got some great advice from @ConsciousRunner that I hope to put into effect when I start running tomorrow.


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