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Review: Mio Fuse


What is it? The Mio Fuse is an activity tracker and heart rate monitor. It is a pretty nifty little device. As an activity tracker, you can set goals, monitor your heart rate, and keep track of steps, calories and distance. It will show you, via the app, how many steps you have taken, and how many you need to reach your goal. The heart rate monitor is an optical sensor. Meaning it shines a little light on your skin and the sensor pick up heart rate.

Setting Expectations


I am within three weeks from my goal spring marathon and it’s time for me to start second… And third guessing myself. Time to think about setting my goal.
This race is going to be interesting. I’m super-excited because it is an inaugural marathon (I haven’t run an inaugural race before) in the city next to mine. It’s practically a hometown marathon. I’m also looking at the race with trepidation. I have had a nice dose of humility this past fall.

Are fitness trackers a waste of money?

There was a study done recently that examined the effectiveness of several fitness trackers on the market. It was covered in the Daily Mail with the descriptive but provocative headline Why your fitness tracker could be a waste of money: New research shows the must-have gadgets are often wildly inaccurate by as much as 40 PER CENT.

This is a great question. Is tracking activity and diet a waste of time and money? I think it depends on how you look at it. Why are you tracking your activity? What is your goal? Are you following a plan to the letter, or the spirit?

Shameful Running Representation

As a runner, I feel ashamed when I read stories like this one – Thanksgiving Day Race organizer: I can’t sleep. This poor organizer had to deal with behavior from runners that is absolutely reprehensible.

It is common for there to be snacks or treats after a race for racers to consume to replenish energy spent. It can be anything from bananas to protein bars to beer (although I can’t drink beer myself after a race in the daytime). This helps fill emptied stores and add to the social element of all the runners finishing – kind of a party.

The Cry Babies Aren’t In the Stroller


As described in the post Julia Webb pushes baby stroller 10K in record time from GrindTV, another Webb, has set a record. In this case, Julia Webb, wife of American 1 mile record holder Alan Webb has set a new world record — the fastest 10K recorded while pushing a baby stroller. Her time was 38:15 surpassing Allison Tai of Canada whose time is 43:07.

After reading the exciting events in the article and feeling good about the world — An amazing woman accomplishing a great feat with the help and encouragement of her friends — my glow was quickly dimmed when I read the comments.

Social Media Community: Good People. Good Friends


I am a very shy person. It doesn’t always seem that way to people in real life and people will think that I am standoffish. I am often by myself on the side at races. Ironically, in the past I have corresponded with people in the community and never meet them at races we both attend.

I have almost always felt like I needed a purpose to be somewhere. Then I can communicate with much more comfort. I was very fortunate that my beautiful wife is a librarian. I was able to go in and “check her out” (her words).

I think through my shyness, I managed to balloon up with weight and let it act as a buffer between me and the world. I finally decided to lose it and eventually took up running. I was asked if I would like to appear on a podcast to talk about it. I was honored for the opportunity and then realized that I liked to write and would like to continue sharing with people what I had discovered.

Race Directors to Back of Packers – Drop Dead

Runners World recently ran the article A Dispiriting Experience at the Back of the Pack, which pointed out experiences of back of the pack racers written from the perspective of a strong runner who was sick in a race. 

I feel like I have discovered another point of pain just this week. A race that is run where I live the Bay Days 8K posted on Facebook a link to race information and the schedule of events. I opened the link and saw that the race started at 8:30 AM and the awards ceremony was at 9:30 AM. This seemed odd to me. 

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