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Fit Challenge 2015 – June

Fit Challenge 2015 continues into summer with the June challenge, push-ups, led by Meredith O’Brien of

Meredith is a certified coach with a wide range of disciplines including USATF Level One, ACSM CPT and Crossfit Endurance.

An avid and passionate runner, Meredith relishes guiding members of the Hampton Roads running community on their journeys from beginners to experienced athletes. She also enjoys supporting local events including the Shamrock Marathon, Half Marathon and 8K, EquiKids Cross Country 5K and also travels in an effort to run 50 Half Marathons in 50 States (and Washington, D.C).

Always active, Meredith was a competitive equestrian for many years as well as competing on her high school Cross Country team and being a part of intramural athletics each season during her undergraduate tenure at the University of Delaware and throughout her graduate program at Old Dominion University. Being a part of various fitness communities led Meredith to develop a love for helping people achieve their goals and she has dedicated her career to making people’s fitness dreams into reality.

Check it out!

Fit Challenge 2015 – April Challenge


Fit Challenge 2015 kicks off April with a brand new challenge, burpees, from Steve Carmichael of

Steve began road running in 1987 at Ft. Benning, Georgia while attending Infantry School for the U.S. Army National Guard. After returning from training, he continued running for about 3 years and ran many short distance road races up to a 20 mile run. In 1991, he gave up running and lived a sedimentary, fast food lifestyle until a health scare woke him up in 2006 when he took up running again to lose weight, lower cholesterol and to get back into shape. He has gone on to complete numerous 5k races and half and full marathons. Steve is a RRCA and USA Track and Field – Level 1 certified running coach and has coached runners locally through his running club as well as privately coached runners all across the United States and abroad.

Steve runs the RunBuzz Radio podcast, where he shares running tips, and interviews everyday runners and experts so that we can all learn more about the sport.

Steve’s own story has been featured on two podcasts Diz Runs With … Steve Carmichael as well as Concious Runner Episode 20: Steve Carmichael–From Overweight, Borderline Diabetic to Passionate Runner and More Part 1 and Episode 21: Steve Carmichael–From Overweight, Borderline Diabetic to Passionate Runner and More Part 2.

Please make sure that you check out the challenge page to like the RunBuzz page and get directions for Final Surge so you can be eligible to win a monthly prize. Here is a burp demonstration:

Fit Challenge 2015 – February Challenge

Fit Challenge 2015 continues with a new challenge for February, conducted by the great Lisa Hamilton of Conscious Runner.


Lisa is a tremendous athlete with both a great record and a generous spirit. She started out as a swimmer and discovered running as covered in the article Lisah Hamilton: Swimmer to Champion Runner. She ran an amazing 2:43:59 marathon in the 2004 San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Marathon, set a Virgin Island Record, and nearly represented her native country of St Croix in the 2004 Athens Olympics. Now she is a Masters runner, host of the Conscious Runner Podcast and helps runners of all types find focus and connectivity with themselves when running. She describes it as “meditation in motion.”

Lisa will be leading everyone through bridges. It is a great exercise that strengthens the core and glutes. It is a stabilizing exercise and helps athletes focus on their center. Sounds perfect from the Conscious Runner.

Please check out the Fit Challenge 2015 page, like the sites involved and create a Final Surge account so you can be eligible for the end of month prize (if you already have an account, just keep logging). This will be a blast. Please share with everyone.

Just announced! The prize for February will be a training plan of your choice from Final Surge and Hanson’s Coaching Services. See all the plans available at Final Surge!


Introducing Fit Challenge 2015

It’s almost 2015, are you ready for a challenge? I am proud to be teaming up with some great Facebook sites to create something a bit different.

Have you done 30 day challenges? I have and they are really fun. The problem is though, what happens after the 30 days are up? Where do we go from there? That is the idea behind this challenge. Hampton Runner has teamed up with five great sites to offer a new challenge each month through each site’s Facebook page.

How does the challenge work? It’s easy. Just Follow the six Facebook pages involved; links have been provided below on the page. Each month one of the participating sites will post daily workouts on their Facebook page. Hampton Runner kicks off the challenge with Mountain Climbers for the full month of January – we will climb our way into the new year. February has The Conscious Runner leading us through Bridges. KR Endurance will then have us lunging into the spring. Next, RunBuzz makes us strong with Burpees. Running with Curves returns with Lunges. And FitNicePT takes us into summer with Push-ups.

Then it’s back to Hampton Runner to start off the second half of the year with Planks. Conscious Runner continues with Push-ups, followed by KR Endurances with Side Leg Lifts!

Final Surge Tracking

Even better, all of your efforts can be tracked with your own free Final Surge account. As a bonus, each month there will be a prize given out to one of the participants who has completed all the challenges successfully and entered each workout in Final Surge. To have your workouts tracked in Final Surge, simply create a free account at Or if you are already a Final Surge user, simply click and login to your account.

To add a workout to Final Surge, click Quick Add either at the top right of your training calendar or on the date itself (located under the “+” sign) as shown below:




After choosing Quick Add, you can scroll down to the challenge workouts and choose the appropriate one:


Participating Pages to Follow

The pages to involved in the contest are listed here:

Hampton Runner

Conscious Runner

KR Endurance

Running with Curves



Now, one issue that you may run into is that Facebook does not always show all posts when you are following a site. If you find this happening to you, you can assure receipt of these by using the “Get Notifications” option on a page. This is accessed by hovering over Like on the Facebook page in question as shown below:



Please be certain to Like Hampton Runner so you can receive updates about the challenge and start things off in January. This will be really fun!

Also, please share this with anyone you know. We are trying to make this as big as possible. If you have any ideas or suggestions, we would love to hear from you in the comments below, or on Facebook. Thanks again!