There I was…

The first three words often heard in a war story. You will hear runners muttering them often as well. I plan to write them here.

In January 2012, there I was, 283 pounds and embarrassed. I decided to make a change in my life. This is what happened:

I started on MyFitnessPal to track my food and after a couple weeks got myself a Fitbit to get 10K steps a day.

Found out 10K steps is hard to do normally so I removed the garments hanging from my treadmill and used it to get the rest of the steps. 

I then started to walk as fast as I could until I’d get shin splints and back the speed off .1. As the weight came off, I wore a weighted vest to keep the same burn.

After a few months, I burned the treadmill up. We ordered an elliptical trainer, but had to wait for it to come in and be installed, so I took the walking outside and alternated when I got the elliptical.

Deep Purple got me to run. John Lord died in 2012 and I decided to listen to an early track (I never really cared for the band and Smoke on the Water got on my nerves from overplaying).

I discovered Scandinavian Nights (Live in Stockholm 1970) and the song A Child In Time. It is a 20+ minute cut and the dynamics are incredible. Very passionate. I couldn’t just walk I was so hyped. I actually ran a few blocks. Then back to walking. I did this a couple times in the walk.

I then started to incorporate a bit more running into my walking with the idea of being able to do a mile, then two miles which was the requirement for the Army Physical Fitness Test.

After I was able to run over two miles without stopping, I thought that it would be amazing to run 5K. I did it and kept doing it over and over.

I visited my nephew who was in both High School and College cross country and ran with him. He was out of shape and said that I was actually running pretty well and against older runners I might have a chance to do well in my age group. He explained how that all worked. 

I told someone at work about it and she pushed me as well. Even showed me an upcoming race, so I signed up.

The rest is history…

My story is featured on three podcasts – The Conscious Runner, Everyday Runners and RunBuzz Radio. I discuss them in this post.


  • Gil Maroko

    Thank you for your amazing story.

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