Fit Challenge 2015 – February Challenge

Fit Challenge 2015 continues with a new challenge for February, conducted by the great Lisa Hamilton of Conscious Runner.


Lisa is a tremendous athlete with both a great record and a generous spirit. She started out as a swimmer and discovered running as covered in the article Lisah Hamilton: Swimmer to Champion Runner. She ran an amazing 2:43:59 marathon in the 2004 San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Marathon, set a Virgin Island Record, and nearly represented her native country of St Croix in the 2004 Athens Olympics. Now she is a Masters runner, host of the Conscious Runner Podcast and helps runners of all types find focus and connectivity with themselves when running. She describes it as “meditation in motion.”

Lisa will be leading everyone through bridges. It is a great exercise that strengthens the core and glutes. It is a stabilizing exercise and helps athletes focus on their center. Sounds perfect from the Conscious Runner.

Please check out the Fit Challenge 2015 page, like the sites involved and create a Final Surge account so you can be eligible for the end of month prize (if you already have an account, just keep logging). This will be a blast. Please share with everyone.

Just announced! The prize for February will be a training plan of your choice from Final Surge and Hanson’s Coaching Services. See all the plans available at Final Surge!


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Eric Hunley

RRCA Certified coach. Started to change lifestyle in 2012 when weight was up to 283 lbs. Eventually started running later that year and racing in 2013. Has run in dozens of races and has been featured in some podcasts. Full Bio on About Page.
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