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Review: Skechers GOrun 4

It has been a trend over the last couple years for everyone to have a double-take about Skechers making running shoes. Then the shoes test well and they are shocked. These were fun to read and I was definitely cheering to see the underdog American Meb Keflezighi, sponsored by the underdog shoe company Skechers, win the 2014 Boston Marathon. But it’s time for that to end. I think that Skechers is a serious competitor releasing shoes on an equal standing of more well known companies like Brooks or Saucony.

The Sole

The sole of the GOrun 4 like previous editions is made up of their own proprietary material Resalyte™. There are strategically placed discs called GOimpulse sensors. These are to provide a little more wear resistance on the sole and add a little traction and guidance.

GoRun 4 Sole


There is   good tread on the bottom of the shoe. It has a good depth without promoting pebble collection.

GoRun 4 Tread


The MStrike technology (Skechers likes marketing terms) is a slight rocker formed at the midsole. You can see it in the below picture with the Kinvara 5s on the right. Notice how the front and back of the GOrun 4 have definite clearance. I seemed to run comfortably with a mid/forefoot strike, but I didn’t really notice the rocker as I went.
GoRun 4 Kinvara 5


GoRun 4 Back


The Upper

The Upper of the shoe is very smooth and comfortable. It is made up of two layers of fine mesh and thin welded overlays. It is very flexible and has a nice look about it as well.
The back of the shoe has a really interesting feature. Yep, that’s a hole. I really appreciate the attention to detail here. I am one who double-knots his laces and it is really a convenient feature to be able to just pull the shoe up using the hole on the back like a handle.

This attention to detail along with things like an extra set of laces are nice unexpected touches. I really appreciate the little things. If they pay attention to such details, it bodes well for the rest of the design and durability. I expect to get a good couple hundred miles out of the shoes.

The Fit

Skechers GOrun 4 has a fairly roomy toe box – almost too roomy. I found that I was able to lock things down using the laces and the tongue was padded enough that I didn’t lose circulation. You may want to consider getting a half size down along with your normal size if you have normal width feet.


It feels very comfortable with a moderately firm ride. Comparing it to other shoes I am used to, it is firmer than both the Saucony Kinvara 4 and 5 as well as the Brooks PureCadence 2. But it is not as firm as a racing flat like the Saucony A5. This makes the shoe fit in a really interesting place. It has a really nice ground feel and makes you want to go fast. I can see this being a strong contender for my next half-marathon in February.


The Skechers GOrun 4 is a solid shoe that can be considered a great all-around trainer with a touch of speed. I comfortable alternate it with another favorite shoe the Saucony Kinvara 5.

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  • amadeus303

    I’ve been running in the Skechers Go Run series for awhile after moving away from the Kinvara after the 2nd version. I feel like this latest GoRun 4 has turned it into a more traditional shoe now… probably more along the lines of the Kinvara. That said, I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Kinvara 5, and am looking for another rotation stablemate. The GoRun 2 and 3 were definitely softer and more flexible than the Kinvara 3 and 4. Are you saying that it’s now the other way around? If so, I may have to give them another shot. I always felt like the Kinvara was too much shoe, which is why I opted to use them generally as trainers. I felt the Go Runs were a little bit more versatile in this regard – they could be used for easy running as well as racing longer distance.

    • hamptonrunner

      I definitely feel that the GR4s are a firmer ride than the Kinvara 5. Gearist does as well.

  • patrick voo

    thanks for this review! interestingly, i tend to side with Harold Shaw’s review ( and the ShoeFitr result which indicates that i need to size up a half-size, not down in these. i got my hands on a pair of size 10s (my normal size in Skechers) and even after removing the insole and implementing some creative lacing i couldn’t get past the fact that (a) my pinky toe was rubbing on my left foot and (b) the top of my right foot was feeling pressured after securing the fit. i’d never felt pain in my feet after a run in Skechers shoes but after initial workouts in the GR4s i definitely did. now going to try a size 10.5 to see if it makes a difference!

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