Review: Moji 360 Mini Massager

This has been a terrible training season for me. It started out well, then a cascade of injuries occurred and I have had to cancel all my races this fall. Sadly, I have been injured enough that I have begun to learn the names of muscles, tendons and fascia that I never new about before.

Truthfully, I wish I were oblivious. But, this experience allows me to share information about recovery products. Two of my mainstay products are foam rollers and The Stick. I have one of these at both home and work. But there is a third device that I don’t always talk about. It has been out for a couple years, but surprisingly not everyone has heard of it. Even my chiropractor wasn’t familiar with it. It being the Moji 360 Mini Massager.


I extended the build-up for this device because I consider it almost a secret weapon tool. I know my IT band quivers when it comes out.

I first heard of the mini massager from The Gearist in one of their great videos and had to give it a try.

The basic design is like a scrubber for your muscles. There are seven different sized ball bearings called “spheres”. They are omnidirectional and move freely while using the device. The spheres at each end of the Moji Mini 360 are larger and are used for increased intensity with the one that falls under the palm being the most intense of all.

And by intense, I mean it can be incredibly intense. This is good. You have the flexibility to really put some extreme pressure on a highly targeted area. I currently see a sports chiropractor and have Active Release Therapy and the Moji allows me to self-administer some as well.

When I use the Moji, I use the larger spheres to tackle my trigger points. I actually use the one closer to my finger tips more frequently because it is easier for me to nail down uncooperative muscle strands and tendons with more accuracy. I then work the device over the muscles in question and break up the adhesions.

What I have found is that after I use the Moji for very intense massage of trouble spots, I will follow up with The Stick or foam roller. I will use them like rolling pins to knead out the area and maximize the results. With the combo of the Moji 360 Mini and The Stick, I can have nearly complete relief from IT band soreness. I also use the Moji 360 Mini to tackle my peronius longus muscles on the outside of my legs. I then follow up with the foam roller.

The best part of the Moji is that it is small and highly portable. So while I have foam rollers and the stick at both home and work, I only have one Moji Mini, which is good so I can keep an eye on it. It is one device that I definitely don’t want to lose.

The Moji Mini is one foolproof device that I can recommend for any athlete, and for under $30, it’s a great deal. It can easily fit in a stocking as well.

You can get one at or Amazon

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