The Cry Babies Aren’t In the Stroller

As described in the post Julia Webb pushes baby stroller 10K in record time from GrindTV, another Webb, has set a record. In this case, Julia Webb, wife of American 1 mile record holder Alan Webb has set a new world record — the fastest 10K recorded while pushing a baby stroller. Her time was 38:15 surpassing Allison Tai of Canada whose time is 43:07.

After reading the exciting events in the article and feeling good about the world — An amazing woman accomplishing a great feat with the help and encouragement of her friends — my glow was quickly dimmed when I read the comments.

Someone actually wrote “So she selfishly took a baby out cold, wind and rain, just to try to set a record, sounds like child abuse.” Then the back and forth began. It is really discouraging to see this type of thing.

I mean, child abuse? Are you kidding?! Because someone runs with a baby in a high end stroller made for runners. A baby who was swaddled in blankets and protected by a rain cover. A baby who was being pushed at a pace of 6 minutes and 9 seconds a mile or 9.7 miles per hour. There are babies being taken around on bicycles at more than 10 miles an hour all the time with no complaints.

And little Ruby has to grow up with the shame that she participated in a world record being set. Oh wait, that’s pretty cool. Which kid wouldn’t want that? People astound me.

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Eric Hunley

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  • Raquel Hernandez

    That’s pretty sad. I strolled all my three for runs over the years when they were babies. My baby now is 3 and I stroll her when I need to take her along. Plus, makes my run harder and I call it “cross training” 🙂 Glad I didn’t run into that article you wrote about. Good post! -Raquel

    • hamptonrunner

      Thanks Raquel. I’m not a parent, but honestly, the whole thing blew me away. I feel that some people are constantly looking to attack others for “Behaviors” that they no nothing about.