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The Cry Babies Aren’t In the Stroller


As described in the post Julia Webb pushes baby stroller 10K in record time from GrindTV, another Webb, has set a record. In this case, Julia Webb, wife of American 1 mile record holder Alan Webb has set a new world record — the fastest 10K recorded while pushing a baby stroller. Her time was 38:15 surpassing Allison Tai of Canada whose time is 43:07.

After reading the exciting events in the article and feeling good about the world — An amazing woman accomplishing a great feat with the help and encouragement of her friends — my glow was quickly dimmed when I read the comments.

Social Media Community: Good People. Good Friends


I am a very shy person. It doesn’t always seem that way to people in real life and people will think that I am standoffish. I am often by myself on the side at races. Ironically, in the past I have corresponded with people in the community and never meet them at races we both attend.

I have almost always felt like I needed a purpose to be somewhere. Then I can communicate with much more comfort. I was very fortunate that my beautiful wife is a librarian. I was able to go in and “check her out” (her words).

I think through my shyness, I managed to balloon up with weight and let it act as a buffer between me and the world. I finally decided to lose it and eventually took up running. I was asked if I would like to appear on a podcast to talk about it. I was honored for the opportunity and then realized that I liked to write and would like to continue sharing with people what I had discovered.

Review: Does the Garmin Vivosmart combine a FitBit Flex and Pebble?


It was with great excitement that I opened the Garmin Vivosmart. I had already reviewed the Vivofit and missed my Fitbit Flex for its size and unassuming design. Could this be the fitness band you rule them all? It has such promise. It tracks your steps and sleep, tells time, and even can receive notifications from an iPhone or Android device.

But wait, there’s more. It can also act as a remote for a Garmin Virb, control music on your iPhone, and connect to a speed/cadence sensor to track a cycling workout. These are all some exciting features, but does it deliver? What kind of execution?

Back of the Pack Motivation


I tried something different for a 5K race this past weekend. I was supposed to run the Shell Yeah challenge as part of the Crawlin’ Crab weekend here in Hampton, VA. The challenge consisted of a 5K race on Saturday and a Half Marathon on Sunday.

It was decided that I should run the 5K on Saturday as a shakeout run.  I have been dealing with some pretty severe leg and hip issues that have put a serious dent in my training block. I had actually only run one time in the past two weeks.

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