Sof Sole Running Select Sock Review

I managed to score a couple pairs of these socks at the Expo for the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Half Marathon. I was nervous about fit because I am a size 12 shoe wearer, but use a size 13 running shoe. They were kind enough to let me open a pair and try them on the spot. They fit great, so I bought two packages of 2 pairs each.

I was a little worried and restrained myself from buying more. Because sometimes socks fit well   fit well at the store and then give me problems on the run.

I wore them on a 10K training run and they felt great. I didn’t want to drive down to the convention to get some more, but I really liked the socks and the price, so I got my buddy to pick up three more packs. He got two of his own on the recommendation as well.

As a Swiftwick customer, I found these socks to be comparable or even superior at a bargain price. They are less than half the price of Swiftwick.

They have a very comfortable form-fit that is snug around the arch of the foot without being too tight. The top of the socks have a very breathable mesh and stay very cool. And I like the slightly extended top that helps protect the achilles tendon from rubbing, not to mention prevents the sock from getting pulled down into the shoe.

The socks worked out so well, that I raced in them the next day for the half marathon. The race was a disaster, but the socks worked out great.

They come in multiple colors and are available at

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