Three Podcasts and the Biggest Loser

I just had the privilege of appearing on the Conscious Runner podcast. This one was really neat since I was being interviewed by Lisa Hamilton who has become my coach. Lisa herself has a great story that can be heard on a couple podcasts – RunRunLive Ep. 3-79 and RunBuzz Ep 3.

I am seeing marked improvement since I started with Lisa. When I first spoke with her, I was injured but now she has gotten my fitness up so much that I am at my highest VO2Max ever according to my watch – 54. I was at a 46 when I started working with her.

This is the third podcast I have appeared on and it has been really special. Before the Conscious Runner, I appeared on the Everyday Runners podcast and RunBuzz. Everyday Runners was actually the first podcast I have recorded, It was just released later than my RunBuzz Radio appearance.

It is really an honor to appear on these podcasts. When I ran my third race – the FBC AmazinGrace 5K – with my nephew, I was really excited to find out that Abby Rike of The Biggest Loser would be attending the event. This was deeply meaningful to me because in the early days of my losing weight, I would be on the treadmill watching past seasons of the Biggest Loser on my treadmill. I watched her season and her story was a true standout. I thought it was almost perfect that I could meet one of the people who helped inspire me.

The day of the race, I was very fortunate and placed second in my age group. And Abby was handing out the medals! This was awesome, because I am kind of shy and was having second thoughts about meeting her and telling her that I lost a ton of weight. But the medal ceremony became my commitment device. If I wanted to get my medal, I had to meet and interact with her.

I went up when my name was called and while I was collecting my medal, I told her sot to voce, “January of last year, I was 283 lbs.” She was super warm, congratulated me effusively and immediately turned to the announcer and told him and he wanted to hand me the microphone. I immediately was overwhelmed and frantically motioned “No! No!” and they didm’t force the issue.

I have come to realize that I might have inspired people like she and other contestants on the show inspired me. These podcasts and this blog are my way of taking the microphone finally, and sharing with you. I hope what I write is helpful. I hope my interviews are helpful. It is kind of scary to put myself out there, but it is fulfilling. Thank you.

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Eric Hunley

RRCA Certified coach. Started to change lifestyle in 2012 when weight was up to 283 lbs. Eventually started running later that year and racing in 2013. Has run in dozens of races and has been featured in some podcasts. Full Bio on About Page.
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