4 Audiobooks for the 4th of July Weekend

Here in the US, we have our Independence Day holiday this weekend. Traditionally, we like to go on road trips, especially when the holiday falls on a Friday like this year. Road trips are an ideal time to catch up on some reading. Here are some good choices for a long drive, or even a long run (or many).

I plan to have a full section with running oriented audiobooks. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments, on Twitter, or on my Facebook page. I’m always interested in what people have listened to and what inspires them. But for the holiday weekend, here are four to consider.

Downpour (Unprotected MP3 files that will work on most players)
This would have to be my first pick. It is of course controversial because of the barefoot running/minimalism movement, but it is so much more. It follows an amazing cast of characters like Ann TrasonJenn Shelton, Scott Jurek, Barefoot Ted, the mysterious Caballo Blanco (Micah True), and many more.

This irreverent book really has it all. It is an immensely entertaining listen and will help you click the miles by with a grin.

Tread Lightly

The perfect companion to Born to Run. This book explores why runners keep getting hurt and how to avoid this. Written with science at the forefront.

Since 2009, Pete Larson’s runblogger.com has proven to be a outstanding resource for great shoe reviews and well written and researched articles on form. This book expands on his work.


The 4 minute mile and the 4th of July, could there be a more appropriate choice? A classic story that visits some earlier history. It really does a nice job of building the excitement while giving a tour of a different generation.


Downpour (Unprotected MP3 files that will work on most players)
I listened to this on the days right before my first marathon. Absolutely inspiring. Matt Long was a NYC Firefighter who responded during 9-11. This is the story of his amazing comeback after being literally run over by a bus. It is an amazing tale about a real American hero.

There were points in this story that I was thankful to be running with sunglasses, because my eyes were not dry.

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