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Small Chunks and Little Victories

They can only mess with you so much before lunch

As I was out running this morning, I got a call. After I got through the discombobulation of my podcast being interrupted and a disembodied voice on my bluetooth headphones, I finally was able to identify with whom I was speaking. It was a young man who was our neighbor until recently. He just graduated high school this spring and had joined the U.S. Marine Corps. 

He was calling to tell me that he was shipping out today and wanted to say goodbye. I am not known for hold in my opinion back and offered him one piece of advice, “Just remember one thing, they can only mess with you so much before lunch.”

Three Podcasts and the Biggest Loser

I just had the privilege of appearing on the Conscious Runner podcast. This one was really neat since I was being interviewed by Lisa Hamilton who has become my coach. Lisa herself has a great story that can be heard on a couple podcasts – RunRunLive Ep. 3-79 and RunBuzz Ep 3.

I am seeing marked improvement since I started with Lisa. When I first spoke with her, I was injured but now she has gotten my fitness up so much that I am at my highest VO2Max ever according to my watch – 54. I was at a 46 when I started working with her.

Failure is Your Friend

Not many people know it, but George Washington lost more battles than he won in his military career. Yet, the United States became an independent nation and later a superpower. This is because he was able to embrace and then learn from failure. His failure inspired creativity.

Failure is your friend. It doesn’t feel like it at the time. It can be excruciating and humiliating, but after a while, the sharp edges dull. Then you can begin to feel more philosophical and learn from it. In actuality, you can learn more from failure than success – something that is studied in the business world as shown in the article You Can Learn More From Failure Than Success.

Garmin Vivofit, or Farewell to my FitBit Flex [Updated]

It pains me to say, but I think I am moving on. I have been using a Fitbit device every day since January of 2012 as I mentioned in my two podcast appearances on RunBuzz and Everyday Runners. It was a critical device that combined with MyFitnessPal enabled me to lose substantial weight and ultimately become a runner.

Re-Tweeting Blog Posts… Sensible or Spam?

I am relatively new to Twitter and writing a blog. I have had a Twitter account for some years, but seldom used it. I am just learning the nuance of how things are done on Twitter. 

A great example is #FollowFriday or #FF. I learned of this from Brian Burk (@cledawgs) in his article – Can You Really Make Friends Via Social Media? And he was kind enough to include me in a #FF tweet.

Another thing I noticed was that some tweets seemed to keep repeating themselves. They were referencing posts that I had seen earlier in the day. I was only following a handful of people, so this was very apparent. I thought it was odd behavior, but just ignored it. 

4 Audiobooks for the 4th of July Weekend

Here in the US, we have a holiday weekend. Traditionally, we like to go on road trips for the day. Here are some good choices for a long drive, or even a long run (or many). I plan to have a full section with Audiobooks that are running oriented. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments, on Twitter, or on my Facebook page. I’m always interested in what people have listened to and what inspires them. 

Perceived Exertion, Talk Tests, and Running Naked

Whenever thinking about heart rate training or training by pace, it is important to consider training by perceived exertion and running naked. “Running Naked” — with no equipment — and “streaking” — running at least one mile a day every day for extended periods of time — are terms being used lately as headlines for getting snickers, but there is an actual point.

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