The Five Stages of Running

First – I hated it. 

It hurt. Every mile was drudgery. I had to bargain with myself every step of the way. “If I get to the next telephone pole, I can quit then.” After arriving, I would have to find the next target. It was a matter of survival versus achievement.

Second – I tolerated it. 

Okay, it sucks. I just have to get through the miles and it ends. My calories are being burned I guess. There are worse things in life.

Third – I accepted it.

Well, this appears to be a pattern. It’s just a routine like my alarm in the morning. I at least feel okay when I am done. I never feel worse after running than I did before.

Fourth – I loved it.

I really am getting some miles in. This is actually kind of cool. I can’t believe that I am able to accomplish what I have. It is so neat to see the world from this perspective. I have seen these sites while driving, but now I get to see them up close and personal. I really feel a part of things.

Fifth – I need it and it consumes me.

When is there a race? There has got to be something this weekend. What do you mean I have to work late?! That will interrupt my run. Is my latest Runner’s World out? Well, I can check my Twitter feed. Did you see that Brooks and Saucony have new shoes out? How many rest days do I really need? Maybe I can be a triathlete… If I am cross training, it won’t have to count as a rest day, right?!

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Eric Hunley

RRCA Certified coach. Started to change lifestyle in 2012 when weight was up to 283 lbs. Eventually started running later that year and racing in 2013. Has run in dozens of races and has been featured in some podcasts. Full Bio on About Page.
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