Strength training sucks. I have a co-worker who gets annoyed when he has to run. He says “Running still stinks. We lift heavy stuff, put back down.”

I feel the same way, but about strength training. It is maddening. I know that I need it, but it really does me in.

I mean I am really pathetic. I can do 6-10 simple squats, and I hurt for 2-3 days. Even though I don’t feel them at the time. Planks have me quivering in seconds. Really, I fell like I need to build my strength, but yet when I start my running is degraded. Completely frustrating.

I got some great advice from @ConsciousRunner that I hope to put into effect when I start running tomorrow.


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Eric Hunley

RRCA Certified coach. Started to change lifestyle in 2012 when weight was up to 283 lbs. Eventually started running later that year and racing in 2013. Has run in dozens of races and has been featured in some podcasts. Full Bio on About Page.
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