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Some day I will learn. When I stop running in a pair of shoes, they need to be retired completely. I just wore my shoes that took me through my first marathon. My hip was feeling like it was out of alignment. I have changed to another pair of shoes    Which ones? A pair that I’m about to retire… Well, baby steps.

Forced Rest

I have been struggling for the past weeks with a strained gluteus medias. This has traveled around my left hip and leg and recruited my sartorius and adductor as well. I am learning quite a bit of anatomy. This is great knowledge, but I wish I was learning it under other circumstances.

Since I started running, I have had frequent issues with my left leg and foot. I am now familiar with a frozen heel, plantar fasciitis, perineal tendonitis, piriformis issues, gluteus medias strain, adductor pain and sartorius aggravation.

I have just finished my spring racing season which included my first marathon. This past weekend, I had two 5Ks over three days. I haven’t had two races that close together before.

After all this training and my injury history, I made the commitment that I would take a week off so I could reset my training. Thus, forced rest.

What do I do with this time off? Start a new Web site.

I have been meaning to move my Website for years now and this is driving me. Here we go!

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